Usama Syed

Usama Syed

Is the quality of training for doctors better in the U.S.?

So it's generally understood that U.S. doctors tend to make more money (see our other article for more details about U.S. doctor salaries []), but what about the actual quality of training? Alongside the desire for better pay, one of the more common

How much money do doctors in the U.S. make?

Yes, we're going there. Money. The thing that we all know deep down is hugely important to our lives/careers, but for some reason in the medical field we are trained to ignore the fact that our jobs are jobs. Meaning the things we do to earn a

Why I Left the NHS

I suppose to be more precise this should say, 'Why I Chose Not To Work in the NHS', as I actually left the UK immediately following graduation from medical school. But that's not as catchy a title, so you know... The National Health Service (‘NHS’) of

Cost of U.S. Residency Application

There are a million and one reasons why people might decide to pursue residency training in the United States (we go through a long list of these in our online course), but there is usually 2 major things that hold people back from taking that leap: * The hassle of taking

How I Matched Into Dermatology as an IMG

“So what are you applying for this year?” one of my US medical student colleagues would ask cordially. “Dermatology”, I’d reply, and watch as they would raise their eyebrows. Some of them would make a better effort than others, “Ohh, wow! Awesome… all the best!’ While others would actually

USMLE vs the UK?

So, you’re a doctor/medical student from a country other than the UK. You’ve either completed your MBBS or are about to, and now you want to go work in another country. For the vast, vast majority of you, that means making the following choice; should I do
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