The 'Mentorship Package' represents the highest level of individualised, in-depth and continuous support LibertyMedics can provide. For those who are convinced this is a journey they want to embark upon, but feel like they truly need a 1-on-1 mentor throughout the process, the 'Mentorship Package' is here to help. It includes the following:

  • Full Access to the 'How To Make It In America' course using a unique 100% off discount code provided upon purchase that can be used on the course.
  • 1-on-1 mentoring sessions with Dr. Syed over video conference (x 5 sessions), scheduled at whatever stage the mentee chooses, never expires e.g. can schedule a session during Step 1 preparation, then another one years later for clinical elective advice, then another one years during 'The Match' etc.
  • Personal Statement Review - part of this package is a guarantee that Dr. Syed himself will review your personal statement at a time of your choosing, using his experience on admissions panels and being involved in applicant screening.
  • Mock Interview - Dr. Syed will create a simulated residency mock interview for you over video conference, tailored specifically to the specialty you are applying to, and also to specific institutions if you happen to know where you will be interviewing. He will then provide detailed verbal feedback on your performance to help make you the best possible candidate on the interview day itself.
  • Holistic Mentoring - Dr. Syed, will also generally act as a mentor to all students on this plan, giving them his personal email address, being available to answer questions they may have throughout he process, and leveraging any personal contacts he may have in the U.S. to help his mentees.

PLEASE NOTE: the Mentorship Package costs $2,500 when it is available.

In order to make sure he can provide the appropriate level of individual focus to each mentee, we limit the number of these packages that are available at any point in time. If you see 'Enrollment Closed' at any stage when looking to purchase the Mentorship Package, and you're convinced it's something you would like, please reach out to us at and we can place you on the waiting list. We will then reach out to you as soon as a spot becomes available on the mentorship scheme.

Mentorship Package