Sometimes the best part of the journey is the friends you make along the way. As such, we provide access for all of our course subscribers to the LibertyMedics 'Mastermind Community', a private group channel moderated by the LibertyMedics mentors. This is your chance to get involved in productive discussions with your colleagues who are embarking on the same journey as you. Share your own helpful tips, resources, updates, or just some thoughts! The LibertyMedics team is there to make sure the conversation is constructive, factual, to answer questions, and otherwise spark discussions! You’ll hopefully never need to go on one of those other online forums again – which is definitely good for your mental health…

Access to the Mastermind Community is provided automatically with a personal link to all of the How to Make it in America course subscribers.

Check out some snippets from our Mastermind Community channel to see the ways it's being used by students like you already!

Updates, feedback, Q&As with the LibertyMedics moderators!

Students helping each other and sharing tips they come across. We are all stronger together!